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Hilary and Richard came to us part way through the winter. They were concerned their stove was not safe, as tar kept running down the outside of the flue inside the boat. We investigated and although the single skin flue pipe itself was in good condition it had been badly connected with an array of fittings and no insulation either around the hearth nor as the flue went through the roof. The polystyrene in the roof had melted.

We took it all out and started again. Working to BS8511:2010 building a steel hearth to stop heat transfer through to the floor, calcium silicate board with air gap behind clad in original steel surround and fitted an insulated flue. The resulting flue draft was measured at 11pa on a 2m flue.

We did not change the stove at all and this has given the opportunity for the customer to monitor how the stove behaves and quantity of fuel used. Huge benefits have been realised as you can see from their comments.

We have been working with HETAS for over a year now to develop best practice and training program for HETAS engineers. HETAS are now responsible for boat stove installation and safety.


We would like to thank you for making the stove, chimney and surrounding area safe for us.
Also please send our thanks to Tony and Mark who worked in a very professional manner at all times.

With the insulated flue we are finding our stove much easier to control than with single skin pipe, clean and we are using less fuel.
Feel free to use any of the pictures of our boat before and after."

Hilary and Richard
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