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Solid Fuel Stoves
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Many canal based boats have solid fuel stoves and after a number of years fitting them using the BS8511:2010 Best Practice, 2 of our team attended training with HETAS and qualified as HETAS accredited Small Craft Stove technicians.

We are not linked or tied to any particular brand of stove, but prefer to fit those where the manufacturers actually approve them for use in small craft. We do like the Salamander Hobbit, it is compact and with a number of useful options.

We can build trays and hearths to suit and always use insulated flues. We have evidence from a number of reinstallations that an insulated flue improves controllability of the fire, which in turn improves the heat generation and reduces fuel consumption by a significant amount. We have been told by customers they are using up to a third less fuel to achieve similar boat warmth.

Whilst gently smoking chimneys might be atmospheric, stoves producing smoke beyond the initial 15mins start up are often not working properly. An insulated flue also eliminates tar deposits on surrounding paintwork.

Many older installations are very poor and heat damage behind tiles etc can be significant. Please look at the project area to see some examples of our installations.

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