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Semington Dock
Lock House
545 Canal Bridge
BA14 6JT
01380 870654

Registered in England. Company number: 7537747
Easy enough to do, but not everyone's cup of tea, and if you'd rather spend a week of your annual leave boating in the sunshine, than getting covered in 'orrible black stuff in a dry dock, then why not leave it to us to do?
Maintenance & repair
Again, not beyond the reach of a reasonably handy person, but a proper paint job can take up to 6 weeks or more, to allow proper preparation time, and the rubbing down and drying time between coats to get the best finish.

Stern glands,  rudders, propellor replacements, anodes - all get damaged from time to time, and we can repair or replace all these externals, often with a very short stay in the dry dock.

Our team includes a fully qualified marine specialist electrician, experienced carpenter, plumber and boat fitters.
Work done from the simple to the complex - we have overplated, replaced base plate,  rebuilt stern ends (to fit a bigger engine in!), repaired accident damage, etc.  So if your survey report says you need some help - we'd be happy to work with you to come up with the most cost effective repair.
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